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    Сertification process


    Certification process (extract from General Procedure. Certification for Products with Potential Hazards, PG PGSP)

    The steps of the certification process:
    1. Application - Submission of application and documents attached to the application.
    2. Application review - Before starting the evaluation, the head of the OC PGSP or designated person performs an analysis of the application and designates the expert or team of experts in certification.
    3. Contracting - Certification works start after the bilateral signing of the Contract regarding the execution of the certification works and the order-payment account. OC PGSP calculates the cost of certification work in its entirety or in stages (as the case may be). The client, in turn, transfers a 100% advance on the CTSIC account to perform the works.
    4. Review - The expert appointed to carry out the product certification work draws up a plan for the review activities.
    The head of the OC PGSP or designated person approves the Evaluation Plan.
    The evaluation works is initiated with the opening meeting.
    5. Identification of products - In the identification process it is checked the conformity of the product submitted to the certification with the information indicated in the technical documentation and the supporting product documentation. During the identification, the storage conditions, the environment, etc. are checked.
    6. Sampling - Simultaneously with identification, the expert takes the sampling. The samples can be taken from transport units, from storage sites or from installation sites. Sampling is carried out by the expert in the presence of the customer representative. Samples taken are sealed and labeled (if necessary).
    The evaluation process ends with the closing meeting.
    The samples are transmitted in the testing laboratory together with the test program, approved by the head of the OC PGSP.
    7. Laboratory tests - Tests shall be carried out by accredited and recognized laboratories.
    On the basis of the results obtained, the testing laboratory prepares the test report.
    8. Analysis of the test report - The OC PGSP expert performs the analysis of the test reports. The positive results of the test report analysis are the basis for the preparation of the Evaluation Report.
    9. Recognition of other countries certificates of conformity - OC PGSP recognizes certificates of conformity (CC) and / or test reports (TR) issued by conformity assessment bodies notified and accredited by Accreditation Bodies of the Multilateral Recognition Agreement with the European Cooperation for Accreditation, issued for products imported from the Member States of the European Union, translated into the Romanian language and confirmed by the specimen of the importer's stamp.
    Similarly, CC and TR issued by foreign conformity assessment bodies are recognized on the basis of bilateral mutual recognition agreements for conformity assessment activities.
    OC PGSP performs product identification, analysis of the Test Report (as applicable) with the preparation of the respective records and informs the client of the decision to issue the national CC.
    Recognition of CC is done by releasing a new CC by OC PGSP.
    10. Review Report - The results of all evaluation activities are documented.
    Upon completion of the work, the designated expert shall prepare the assessment report based on objective evidence obtained in the conformity assessment process.
    11. Analysis - Analysis of all review information and results is carried out by the Technical Committee composed of the relevant technical experts in the specific field who have not been involved in the review process and the heads of the relevant departments.
    After analyzing all the information and review results, the Technical Committee recommends approving the decision to issue or the refusal to issue the certificate.
    12. Certification Decision - OC PGSP is responsible and retains authority for its certification decisions. The decision to issue the certificate or to refuse to issue it shall be taken by the head of OC PGSP or by the designated person on the basis of all information related to the assessment, analysis and any other relevant information.
    13. Certification documentation (certificate) - The document that confirm the product's conformity with the specified requirements are the certificate.
    The certificates issued by the OC PGSP are the main document confirming the compliance of the products with the normative documents requirements.
    Products subject to certification in the regulated field, until placed on the market and / or until use, must be marked by the manufacturer with the SM conformity mark, if the technical regulation provides for such marking. Marking the product with the SM conformity mark indicates its conformity with the essential requirements set out in the applicable technical regulation.
    The SM mark of conformity applies, according to the technical regulations applicable to the product, directly on the product, on its packaging, on the documents supporting the product and / or on a marking board attached to the product so that it can not be detached. Stamped mark should be visible and resistant to abrasion.
    The right to sign the certificates is held by the head of the OC PGSP or a designated person.