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    Historical background of the Certification Body (OC PGSP)

    Certification Body within the Technical Centre for Industrial Safety and Certification was established in 1996 based on the order of the "Standardization, Metrology and Technical Supervision Department".

    Based on internal regulations and the organizational structure of the Centre, the following branches of the certification and supervision section have been established: 
    - petroleum products certification branch;
    - elevation equipment and equipment under pressure certification branch;
    - gas-related equipment and liquid gas certification branch;
    - mineral fertilizers and pesticides certification branch;
    - chemical products certification branch;
    - welding apparatus and equipment certification branch;
    - solid fuel certification branch;
    - electric products certification branch;
    - primary electricity sources equipment certification branch;
    - conformity assessment group.

    In order to maintain high skills and efficiency of the certification works, TCISC's administration undertook to select skilled personnel compliant with the internal requirements. 
    In December 1998, as part of transformation process, "Center for Technical Expertise" was renamed in the "National Agency for Technical Supervision" which continued to include the Certification Body that have been accredited, in May 1998, to certify the objects with potential hazards, products and production processes
    In August 2005 the "National Agency for Technical Supervision" was transformed and re-registered as the "Technical Center for Industrial Safety and Certification". During this period Certification Body TCISC, as a result of the abovementioned amendments was named "Certification Body for products with potential hazards". Certification Body TCISC periodically undergoes the re-accreditation process. 
    In October 2007, Certification Body has extended its area of activity by setting-up a new branch - weapons, other relevant assets and pyrotechnic products certification. During its activity, the Certification Body has implemented and certified its Quality Management System that improved the level of services and performance indicators related to the services rendered to economic agents, compliant with the requirements provided by the normative documentation. 

    01.08.2018 - Reorganization of the State Enterprise "Technical Center for Industrial Safety and Certification" in the Limited Liability Company "Technical Center for Industrial Safety and Certification" has been completed.