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    Complaint examination

    The registered complaint is transmitted to the designated person / team responsible for the treatment, which first analyzes it to determine whether it relates to the OC PGSP activity.
    If the complaint is inappropriate, it is not examined and the complainant is given the appropriate answer in writing or verbal (by phone).
    If the complaint is appropriate, it will be reviewed within 30 calendar days of the date of registration.
    The designated team consists of 3 members - persons who have not been involved in the activities listed in the complaint or are not the subject of the complaint, namely:
    1 member - the OC PGSP management representative;
    1 member - MS responsible;
    1 member - certification expert or technical expert of OC PGSP.
    Before initiating the complaint examination, the responsible person / team signs the Declaration of Confidentiality and Privacy.
    The responsible person / team shall examine the subject matter of the complaint, the records and documents relating to the subject matter of the complaint, the views of the parties concerned.
    If necessary, the designated person / team may request additional information from the complainant or the OC PGSP to understand the situation in detail and clarify the ambiguities.
    All evidence obtained by the responsible person / team during the examination of the complaint, including the arguments for making the conclusions and proposing measures to improve the OC PGSP activity, shall be set out in writing in the Report on the handling of the complaint. Based on this, the responsible person / team prepares the response letter to the complainant.
    The head of OC PGSP reviews and approves the Report on the handling of the complaint.
    The responsible of the Complaints Register shall make the necessary records and shall send the response letter to the complainant as soon as possible.
    The complaint file is kept and archived according to the "Archiving" instruction.