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    Appeals examination

    The registered appeal is analyzed by the management to determine whether it relates to certification body OC PGSP activity.
    If the appeal relates to direct OС PGSP activities, it must be reviewed within 20 calendar days from the date of registration by the Board of Appeal (BA), which is organized and operates under the BA Regulation.
    BA consists of 3 members selected by the head of OC PGSP based on the analysis of competence and qualification criteria and not taking part in making the appeal decision.
    The BA meeting is convened on the basis of an order issued by the head of the OC PGSP, within maximum 5 days from the date of the BA appointment.
    The SM representative is present at each BA meeting, but is not a member of BA.
    BA members examine the subject matter of the appeal, the records and documents relating to the appeal, the views of the interested parties.
    In case of necessity, BA may request additional information from the appelant or from the OC PGSP to understand in detail the situation created and to clarify the ambiguities.
    All evidence obtained during the examination of the appeal, including the necessary arguments for making conclusions and proposing measures to improve the activity of the OC PGSP, shall be set out in writing in the appeal report, which shall be signed by all the members.
    The Conclusion of the BA is adopted by a majority of the members' votes and is a recommendation. The head of OC PGSP takes the final decision on the appeal.
    The Conclusion adopted by the Appeal Board and the Final Decision of the head of OC PGSP are recorded in the Register of appeals.
    After registering the final decision in the Register of appeals, the BA secretary within 5 days informs the appelant who, in the case of dissatisfaction, can appeal to the competent court.
    The appeal file is kept and archived according to the "Archiving" instruction.