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    OC PGSP Policy



    Strategic policy of the Certification Body for Products with Potential Hazards (OC PGSP) within the "Technical Center for Industrial Safety and Certification" is to maintain and continuously improve its activities and the process of providing services for the purpose of demonstrating, that the Certification Body maintains a third party position by applying a consistent and trustworthy certification process, thereby facilitating its acceptance at national and international level and facilitating trade in the internal and external market.

    The Certification Body at all structural levels concentrates its efforts to ensure customer satisfaction through the fulfillment of its requirements but which does not contradict the current legislation and regulatory documentation.

    OC PGSP sets the following quality objectives:
    - Extending / restricting the scope of accreditation;
    - Improvement of the certification processes according to SR SR EN ISO / CEI 17065: 2013 and the Law on accreditation and conformity assessment activities no. 235 from 01.12.2011, with subsequent modifications;
    - Apply technical regulations depending on their implementation. Maintain and improve certification procedures in order to provide high quality certification services at the highest level;
    - Analyze and correctly determine the methods of resolving the complaints submitted;
    - Preventing and minimizing risks that may cause nonconformities in areas where they repeatedly occur;
    - Systematic follow-up of the stage of the corrective and preventive actions;
    - Continuous improvement and sustainable development of the Management System implemented in OC PGSP;
    - Awareness and involvement of OC PGSP employees in the functioning of the Applied Management System;
    - Continuous analysis of the OC's activities, conducting internal audits with the inclusion of on-site monitoring, corrective actions to improve MS;
    - Providing information to customers via the CTSIC website;
    - Continuous training and evaluation of the personnel in order to ensure their qualification to the required requirements;
    - Continuous external training and traineeships;
    - Collaboration with other Certification Bodies with OC PGSP tangent areas;
    - Making material resources efficient and useful, depending on the needs;
    - Objective remuneration of OC PGSP employees according to the executed works;
    - Identifying the requirements and needs of the OC PGSP clients, as well as ensuring and evaluating their level of satisfaction;
    - Compliance with ethical norms and moral principles in communication with clients and between OC PGSP collaborators.

    Quality policy and quality objectives are considered valid for a long time because they meet the requirements of a Certification Body that maintains a third party position being impartial and objective in its activities.

    The achievement of the above mentioned objectives will guarantee joint success as well as the functioning of the conformity assessment process of high-risk products.

    date 17.01.2019

    Head of OC PGSP
    Nicolai MANOLOV
    date 17.01.2019