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    SM Manual


    The System Management Manual (SMM) should be used by the senior management and personnel of Certification Body (CB).
    The provisions of the SMM are to be applied for all branches of the CB and are binding for its entire personnel starting with the approval date. 
    Original copy of the SMM should be held by the Responsible for the System Management who should also have a working electronic copy necessary to bring amendments, if necessary.  

    The System Management Manual Structure
    SMM is drafted in compliance with SM SR EN ISO/CEI 17065 standard (Assessment of conformity. Requirements for products, processes and services certification authorities) and SM SR EN ISO 9001 standard (Quality management systems. Requirements)
    Drafting, approval and management of the SMM
    SMM is the key document for application of the system management (SM).

    SMM describes:
    - abilities of the CB to render conformity assessment services;
    - methods applied for drafting, implementation, maintaining and developing the system management;
    - policies and objectives;
    - general directions for CB organization, including competences, authority and independence of CB's personnel which initiates, performs, controls and approves the activities impacting the quality.
    SMM refers to the procedures documented by SM.

    SMM Update
    The update of the manual is to be done periodically and in the following cases: 
    - organizational or other types changes within the CB;
    - non-compliant aspects of the documents, identified based on previously done analysis;
    - improvement of the SM, internal audits results and TCISC's activity supervision ;
    - intervention in the text of SMM necessary to bring certain corrections and/or additions;
    - amendments or updates brought to standards, legislation, etc.
    Updates of the SMM should be noted in the „List of registrations" to be filled in by the SM Responsible and approved by the head of CB .

    Re-approval of the Manual
    Re-approval of the SMM is made through its restatement.
    New edition of the SMM is issued in case of important amendments and additions affecting 70% of its text.

    Distribution of the Manual
    Distribution of the SMM is made by the SM Responsible. The original copy should be held with the latter
    Outdated editions should be withdrawn and destructed, save for the original copy of such outdated edition which should be kept in CB's archive. 
    Only one authentic copy may be distributed with the CB.