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    SM Responsible


    The responsible of the System Management (SM) has the following obligations: 

    - ensures the implementation and maintenance of SM's processes;
    - represents Certification Body (CB) in relations with its subcontracting parties in relation to the SM;
    - reporting the Head of CB on functioning and needs for improvement of the SM;
    - distribution and control over the System Management Manual (SMM);
    - drafting and updating the SM-related documents in cooperation with the homogeny products certification experts;
    - drafting and submission for approval of the annual internal audits plan;
    - coordination and supervision of internal audits results;
    - control of the internal audit-related documents;
    - coordination of the non-conformity reports drafting, registration and distribution;
    - coordination of the activity of control and efficiency improvement of coercive and preventive actions provided by the non-conformity reports;
    - drafting and submission for approval by the Head of CB of the annual personnel training plan;
    - periodical organization of SM analysis meeting with the head of CB;
    - drafting proposal for the necessary coercive and preventive measures improvement;
    - drafting the analysis minutes of the SM;
    - registration and distribution of the results of the management analysis over the activity of SM.