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    lab trayThe laboratory for chemical-technological testing within the "Technical Centre for Industrial Safety and Certification" was founded in 1996. Being located at the premises of the Chemistry Institute of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Moldova, the laboratory has skilled personnel and laboratory equipment compliant with the European standards - chromatographs, spectrometers, etc., together with the most modern and performant apparatus for determination of the octane number in the gasoline which is the only one in the Republic of Moldova. 

    The laboratory performs laboratory testing of the quality indices for the following products: gasoline, diesel, fuel for reaction engines, fuel oil, lubricants, oils, coal, briquettes, pellets, antigel, etc. 


    The address of laboratory: MD 2028, 3, Academy Street, of. 410, 412, Chisinau municipality, the Chemistry Insitute of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Moldova, phone/fax. (+37322) 739375, Email: office@ctsic.md agentia@mdl.net