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    The clients of the Laboratory for chemical-technological testing can address written complaints, to the CTSIC Director:
    - by post, to the CTSIC address;
    - at the CTSIC headquarters;
    - by fax or e-mail.
    A written complaint must contain:
    - full name of the applicant;
    - the object of the complaint (the essence of the problem addressed in the complaint);
    - the postal address, telephone, e-mail, fax of the applicant to which the reply is to be sent;
    - date of submission;
    - signature of the applicant.

    Verbal, anonymous complaints or those in which the applicant's identification data are not entered are not taken into account and will be filed.

    In the laboratory, the complaint is evaluated to decide on the validity of the information.
    The following essential principles are taken into account in the complaints evaluation process:
    - impartial and confidential treatment of complaints;
    - undertaking the corrections and corrective actions required for their proper resolution;
    - the record, access and keeping of all records related to complaints, as well as the corrections and corrective actions that have been imposed.
    The analysis of complaints is made by competent persons, independent of the activity in question.
    Each complaint is initially assessed against criteria such as severity, complexity, impact, need and possibility of taking immediate action.
    After analysis, the following decisions can be made:
    - the complaint is accepted and the appropriate corrections and corrective actions are established to resolve the object of the complaint;
    - the complaint is rejected (if it is considered unfounded) and this is communicated to the applicant.
    After the assessment, it is established whether the complaint is well-founded or not, it is registered and within the shortest term, of 5 working days, the applicant is informed of the fact, in writing or verbally, of the acceptance or rejection of the complaint.
    If the complaint is substantiated, the analysis and resolution of the complaint is done within a period of 30 calendar days from the date of registration.
    The response to the complaint contains data on the inconsistency found, motivating the establishment of corrective actions taken.
    All responses to complaints are approved by the head of the laboratory, signed by the director of CTSIC and sent to the client.