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    Personnel certification in the field of non-destructive examinations

     27.02.2017    4427 Views    


    Between February 13 - 26, 2017 within the Department of Recycling and Personnel Certification of the State Enterprise "TCISC", has worked the Non-Destructive Qualification Commission for Qualification Level II, in accordance with the requirements of the SM SR EN ISO 9712:2014 "Nondestructive Examinations. Qualification and certification of personnel for non-destructive examinations (END)".


    In the process of attestation were attended by level III specialists - NESTERENCO Alexei and VIVDENCO Alexei, representatives of the company «Общество технического надзора ДИЭКС», Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

    Candidates were examined on the following non-destructive control methods:

    (UT) - ultrasound examination;

    (VT) - visual examination;

    (PT) - penetrating fluid examination.

    As a result of the promotion of the attestation, candidates will be given the certificates of nominal attestation on distinct control methods, which will allow it to carry out the activity in the field of END for the next three years.

    The attestation procedure was carried out at a high professional level and in a favorable communication environment for the parties involved.