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    Lists of documents required to receive the Expert Report corresponding to the specific hazardous industrial facilities:
    General requirements for submitted documents: All presented documents will be within the validity term. Instructions, regulations, orders, plans, charts and other internal documents will be approved by the director indicating the current date. On the copies of the documents will be applied the stamp of the company, the signature of the responsible person, the date and the inscription "the copy corresponds to the original".

    - design of technical installations used at a hazardous production facility;
    - special works at hazardous production facilities;
    - non-destructive testing at hazardous production facilities.
    - requirements for documentation of multi-fuel gas stations, when submitted to the industrial safety expertise

    en Chemical-technological field

    en Installations operating under pressure and lifting mechanisms field

    en Subsoil use field

    en Gas supply field

    en Training and improvement of qualification