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    Inspection process


    General inspection procedure:
    1. Submission of the application and related documents (application form pdf .pdf  / doc.doc,   model)

    The application is submitted at the office of the Inspection Body, Serghei Lazo, str. nr. 48, or it can be transmitted by e-mail -  office@ctsic.md, agentia@mdl.net.

    2. Consideration of documents
    Analysis of the presented set of documents.

    3. Sample selection
    The samples are taken at the border crossing points or by the mobile team in other locations.

    4. Sending samples to the testing laboratory
    The samples of petroleum product are transmitted to the technological chemical laboratory for testing

    5. Analysis of the test report
    The analysis of the test report, received from the Chemical-technological laboratory, is performed.

    6. Decision-making
    Based on the analysis of the documents, a decision is made to issue or refuse to issue the Inspection Report.

    7. Issuance of a final Act
    An Inspection Report is issued in case of a positive inspection result.