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    Sampling of PP


    List of customs posts for sampling petroleum products
    Based on the Government Decision no. 476 of 17.04.2002 for the approval of the Regulation on the mode of transport of imported petroleum products (p. 10), the samples for the control of the quality of the petroleum products are taken at the following crossing points when entering the customs territory of the Republic of Moldova:

    • crossing point - Ocniţa (railway)
    • crossing point - Leuseni (auto)
    • crossing point - Ungheni (railway)
    • crossing point - Giurgiuleşti (river, railway)
    • crossing point - Otaci (auto)

    The placing on the market of petroleum products is carried out in accordance with Government Decision no. 1117 of 22.08.2002 on the approval of the Regulation of retail sale of petroleum products.

    The Mobile Team of petroleum product samplers
    The mobile teams are made up of laboratories-collectors of petroleum products (PP), within the Inspection Section of Petroleum Products (IPP).
    The main purpose of the Mobile Teams (MT) is to ensure the operability of the move to the place of PP storage or to the border crossing points, where there are no permanent samplers. The task of MT is identification of PP, sampling of PP, and also at the request of the client, determination of mass of PP.
    MT have the necessary equipment to perform the work on the sampling and determination of mass of PP.
    The sample collectors are instructed in accordance with internal procedures and standards for sampling, as well as in accordance with methods for determining the mass of PP used by the section of the Inspection of Quality of Petroleum Products.
    Thus, the MT can move operatively, at the client's request and at the place indicated by the client.