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    IB Policy

     31.07.2019    168 Views    


    By this declaration, the director of the "Technical Center for Industrial Safety and Certification" (TCISC) defines the quality policy and objectives for the Inspection Body (IB) and the actions it undertakes, in order to carry out activities in accordance with the requirements of the clients and the applicable regulations.
    TCISC IB's quality policy is to maintain and enhance the reputation gained through the services provided under the accreditation scope, continuously improving their quality.
    In order to maintain the standard and quality of the offered services and to ensure the satisfaction of its customers, TCISC IB has implemented and maintains a management system according to the requirements of the SM SR EN ISO/CEI 17020:2013.

    The present policy is focused on achieving the following general objectives:

    • Permanent satisfaction of the requirements of competent bodies and of the current legislation regarding obtaining/maintaining the accreditation;
    • Permanent increase in customer confidence and satisfaction;
    • Increasing the individual performances of involved personnel in the inspection activities, in order to obtain the quality of the provided services.
    • Zero complaints for the provided services.

    Director TCISC Gheorghi EFTENI
    Date: 16.10.18