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    IB Policy

     31.07.2019    310 Views    

    Edition 02/13.03.2020

    Director LLC "Technical Center
    for Industrial Safety and Certification »
    Gheorghi EFTENI
    March 13, 2020


    By this statement the director of LLC "Technical Center for Industrial Safety and Certification" (LLC "CTSIC") defines the policy and objectives of the quality policy for the Inspection Body (IB) and the actions it takes to carry out activities in accordance with customer requirements and applicable regulations, regarding the Inspection Body.
    To ensure a sustained level of quality inspections, the top management of LLC "CTSIC" has decided to implement a management system (MS) based on the requirements of the MS standard SR EN ISO/CEI 17020:2013 and is committed to comply with this international standard, to contribute to the development and implementation of MS, to ensure continuous improvement of its effectiveness.
    The policy on IBs regarding quality is aimed at ensuring trust in IBs through the provision of quality inspection services.
    The purpose of the IB management system is to contribute to ensuring the uniformity and accuracy of inspections, to protect individuals and legal entities, regardless of type of ownership and form of legal organization, against the harmful effects of incorrect or false measurements by conducting inspections in strict accordance with requirements of the current legislation.
    The quality policy is addressed to the employees of OI LLC "CTSIC" with responsibilities in carrying out IB activities, regardless of their job or level of training. They are required to become familiar with the quality documentation, to meet the requirements set out in the reference standard SM SR EN ISO/CEI 17020: 2013, the quality manual, procedures, work instructions and other documents applicable to the field of accreditation, to use in its activity standards of compliant units of measurement.

    This policy focuses on achieving the following general objectives:

    • obtaining positive results following the evaluations of the LLC "CTSIC" during 2020;
    • the extension of the accreditation domains for the activities held in the amount of 90% of the received requests;
    • maintaining the accreditations held within the subdivisions of LLC "CTSIC"
    • the permanent increase of competence of the LLC "CTSIC", of the quality of the offered services and the awareness of the importance of fulfilling both the client's requirements, as well as of the statutory and regulatory ones by fulfilling the Annual Training Plans in volume of 99%;
    • zero complaints and calls for provided services;
    • attracting and retaining customers in 100% volume;
    • ensuring that the integrity of the management system is maintained when changes to the management system are planned and implemented;
    • promoting a fair image of the IB and the services it can provide to its customers;
    • ensuring the impartiality, independence and integrity of IB staff, including the exclusion of any influence of internal or external origin on the results of the IB's work;
    • ensuring a high level of technical training of the staff and of the necessary technical equipment to carry out the activities for which it is authorized;
    • ensuring that staff are aware of the relevance and importance of their activities and how they contribute to achieving MS objectives;
    • ensuring that appropriate communication processes are established within the IB and that communication is taking place regarding the effectiveness of the MS;
    • developing collaboration relations with other IBs or specialized institutions.