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    Dear colleagues, partners and friends,
    June 21, 1996 is a memorable date for us - the establishment of "Technical Center for Industrial Safety and Certification" ("TCISC") and registration with the State Registration Chamber.
    Over these years we have come a long way. This was the period of formation and development of our enterprise, with a multitude of tests, hopes and achievements, with changes in the structure and name of the enterprise. Despite all the changes and reorganization, it was possible to preserve the most valuable - highly qualified personnel.
    Initially, as part of the Department of Standards, Metrology and Technical Supervision (DSMTS), S.E. "Center for Technical Expertise", which in November 1998 was transformed into a S.E. "National Agency for Technical Supervision" (NATS), which included inspections of boiler and lifting installation, technical supervision of the gas industry, quality control of oil products, chemical, mining, radiological protection, certification and personnel certification departments, testing laboratory, branches in Balti, Cahul, Ceadir-Lunga. At that time, technical supervision in the republic, in accordance with the regulations of the DSMTS, approved by Government Decision No. 776 from 10.25.94, carried out state regulation and technical supervision in the following areas: lifting installations and pressure vessels; gas pipelines and gas pipelines of medium and low pressure; filling stations with petroleum products and liquefied gas stations; explosive and fire hazardous facilities; highly toxic chemicals; mining of useful mineral resources, geological exploration, drilling and explosives works; as well as the construction, storage and use of sources of ionizing radiation and disposal of radioactive waste.Until March 2002, DSMTS granted licenses to economic agents that carried out activities in the field of industrial safety in order to ensure the safety of life and health of citizens, property and environment protection, and also monitored the market for placing technologies, services and equipment for hazardous industrial facilities controlled by the State.
    At that time, DSMTS, through the activities of NATS, contributed to the process of improving and effective supervision, improving safety and improving working conditions at hazardous production facilities.
    In 2005, the enterprise received the name S.E. "Technical Center of Industrial Safety and Certification" (TCISC) within the Ministry of Economy. S.E. "TCISC" includes the following structural units: examination of industrial safety, certification of products with potential hazards, certification of personnel, laboratory tests, diagnostic laboratory and a branch in the Balti municipality.
    In 2018 the SE "Technical Center for Industrial Safety and Certification" was reorganized into the Limited Liability Company "Technical Center for Industrial Safety and Certification".
    enThroughout these 24 years, the enterprise has been successful, with numerous achievements and accomplishments. All of this required considerable effort and investment. This is proof that in the future we will make maximum efforts to achieve the better results.

    Without a doubt, both - the success of the enterprise and the fulfillment of the assigned tasks are provided by people, their day-to-day laborious work, high level of skill and a high degree of responsibility. Our enterprise has managed to create not only a working group, but also a team, and this is the main condition for obtaining the expected results. Thanks to the professionalism of our employees, we were able to become reliable partners and colleagues for all economic agents who took advantage of our services.

    The process of development of the enterprise does not stop - modernization of the equipment, improvement of all stages of services continues.
    For a special contribution to the development of our enterprise, as a sign of gratitude and appreciation, we are grateful to all those who, over the years, have put their shoulders to its formation and consolidation, have taken part with enthusiasm, unconditionally involved in creating positive image of the enterprise, establishing relations with economic agents based on professionalism and mutual trust, honest, objective and friendly approach to partners and colleagues.