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    Welcome to the official webpage of the Technical Centre for Industrial Safety and Certification which has been established in 1996.
    We have created this webpage in order to ensure informational support to the economic agents. Here you will find useful information on procedures for inspection of industrial safety of industrial objectives and potentially dangerous technical installations, inspection of petroleum products, diagnosis and technical control of the equipment, high level danger products certification, laboratory testing and methodological assistance designed for economic agents.
    We offer and warrant high quality services, individual approach, high skills of our employees, modern solutions and efficient cooperation.

    Our entity has skilled employees who have solid experience and are always ready to render you high-quality services, as follows:
    - inspection of potentially hazardous technical installations through technical inspection;
    - inspection of potentially dangerous technical installations to extend the service life;
    - inspection of project documentation for potentially hazardous production facilities;
    - inspection of petroleum products;
    - diagnosis (non-destructive analysis) and technical inspection of equipment;
    - certification for products with potential hazards;
    - methodological assistance;
    - retraining and attestation service of personnel involved in the area of industrial safety;
    - laboratory testing of reagents and petroleum products;
    - offering industrial safety-related normative and technical documentation to the economic agents.
    Thank you for being interested in our activity.
    We ensure you that we will never stop the process of continuous development, management system improvement and investments in the new technologies necessary to provide proper conditions for functioning of economic agents and national economy, in general.

    Kind regards,
    Administration "TCISC"