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    About personnel retraining and attestation service


    The Personnel Retraining and Attestation Service (SRAP) is a subdivision of the Technical Center for Industrial Safety and Certification (CTSIC) with private status, which carries out its activity according to the CTSIC status approved on 12.07.2018, the Internal Regulations regarding at the organization and functioning of the Personnel Retraining and Attestation Service and the Regulations regarding the attestation of the persons active in the field of industrial safety.

    The main activity of the SRAP aims to attest the personnel of the economic agents who work in the field of industrial safety/individuals, as well as the issuance, extension, re-examination of the exercise permits.

    Industrial safety of dangerous industrial obiectelolr means the protection of vital interests of the individual and society towards any failures and catastrophes of technogenic character at dangerous industrial facilities. The activities on dangerous industrial objects whose irregular practice can harm the vital interests, the health and the goods of the citizens and the society, as well as the environment, their effects are reflected in the information below:

    Examples of accident to the boiler room and LPG fueling station