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    Exam sessions


    2.2.1 Exam sessions are planned and organized weekly and/or monthly according to the requests submitted by economic agents/individuals at the headquarters of the Retraining and Attestation Service (SRAP) CTSIC, by e-mail, online, mailbox.
    2.2.2 The attestation exams are held at the headquarters of SRAP CTSIC or at the headquarters of the economic agent at his request.
    2.2.3 SRAP CTSIC organizes and conducts the planned attestation exams, if the group will consist of at least 8-10 persons, respectively, with confirmation of physical presence at the exam. If necessary, the organization of examinations can be carried out online. Following the attestation, the attested personnel are issued the exercise permit (Permis de exercitare), for technical-engineering and operating personnel.