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    Exam sessions


    The attestation of the personnel active in the field of industrial safety aims to fulfill the requirements of art.11 of the Law No.116 of 18.05.2012 regarding the industrial safety of the dangerous industrial objects with the subsequent modifications and completions.
    The examination sessions are planned and organized once in two weeks and / or monthly, according to the submitted applications.
    At the request of the economic agent, the periodic attestation of the personnel working in the field of industrial safety can be carried out in the absence of training courses.
    The attestation of the experts, the technical - engineering staff and the personnel performing welding work in the field of industrial safety is performed once the activity starts, as well as periodically once in 36 months, and the working personnel once in 12 months.
    In the case of non-attestation, the repeated examination shall be carried out within the subsequent activity of the certification commission upon notification of the Service of Retraining and Attestation of Personnel (SRAP), within a maximum of one month from the day of the examination.
    Following the attestation, a Permit for the exercise of the activity in the field of industrial security is issued.
    SRAP organizes the examination sessions within its own unit and / or within the economic agent's unit, upon its request.