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    For admission to attestation at the Personnel Retraining and Certification Service (SRAP CTSIC), the operator/specialized legal entity/candidate (individual) submits an application on paper or in electronic format (by email - office@ctsic.md or "Request certification") according to the approved model, enclosing the following documents for each candidate:
    a) a copy of the educational document (diploma, certificate, attestation or any equivalent study document), which gives the legal right to practice the specialty/profession, in the case of initial attestation;
    b) copies of documents on professional training corresponding to the field of attestation (genres of activity). Professional training of engineering, technical and operating personnel received within the time limits provided for in paragraph (4) and paragraph (5) of Article 19 of Law No. 151/2022;
    c) a copy of the candidate's employment document;
    d) a copy of the previous exercise permit (Permis de exercitare) in the case of periodic and extraordinary certification;
    e) 3x4 photo.