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    Legal framework of the Republic of Moldova


    The activity of the "Technical Centre for Industrial Safety and Citification" functions based on the following laws:

    LAW No.151 of 09.06.2022 regarding the safe operation of industrial facilities and potentially hazardous technical installations
    LAW No.235 din 01.12.2011 on Accreditation and Conformity Assessment Activities
    LAW No.461 din 30.07.2001 on Petroleum Products Market
    LAW No.108 din 27.05.2016 on Natural Gas
    LAW No.143 din 17.07.2014 on Pyrotechnics Regime
    LAW No.20 din 04.03.2016 on National Standardization
    LAW No.420 din 22.12.2006 on Technical Regulation Activity
    LAW No.422 din 22.12.2006 on General Safety of the Products
    LAW No.235 din 20.07.2006 on Main Principles of Entrepreneurial Activity Regulation
    LAW No.105 din 13.03.2003 on Consumer Protection
    LAW No.592 din 26.09.1995 on Pipelines Transportation
    LAW No.172 din 25.07.2014 on Approval of the Combined List of Products
    Government Decision No.476 of 17.04.2002 on Approval of the Regulation on the order of transportation of imported petroleum products;
    Government Decision No.552 of 12.07.2017 on the approval of the Minimum Security Requirements regarding the operation of combustible natural gas distribution systems;
    Government Decision No.506 of 05.07.2017 on the approval of the minimum security requirements regarding the operation of elevators;
    Government Decision No.1116 of 22.08.2002 on the approval of the Regulation regarding the storage and wholesale trade, through an automated system, of identified petroleum products;
    Government Decision No.1117 of 22.08.2002 on the approval of the Regulation on the retail sale of petroleum products;
    Government Decision No.1027 of 01.10.2001 regarding some implementation measures of the Law on the petroleum products market;
    Ministry of HSP Decision No.17 of 29.12.2005 regarding the approval and implementation of the state sanitary-epidemiological rules and regulations "Regarding the location, design, construction and operation of fueling stations with oil and gas products"