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    Attestation process

    The attestation process takes place in accordance with the following steps:

    1. Application submission: the filled in application can be submitted online, banner ,,SOLICITARE ONLINE'', by email - agentia@mdl.net, office@ctsic.md, mailbox or at the office of LLC ''Technical Center for Industrial Safety and Certification'' (CTSIC) - Personnel Retraining and Attestation Service (SRAP), and for more detailed information you can contact us: tel. (+373 22) 208180, 208166.

    2. Submission of documentation: the economic agent / individual shall attach the following documents to the submitted application: a copy of the certificate / diploma of training, a copy certified by the seal of the enterprise, an order for employment, an individual contract or an agreement on the provision of services, a copy of the previous "Permis de exercitare", in the case of periodic certification, a 3×4 color photograph, at the request of the economic agent / individual may submit other documents confirming his professional training; These documents can be submitted online, by e-mail, fax or to the office of CTSIC - Personnel Retraining and Attestation Service;

    3. Consideration of a package of documents: The Personnel Retraining and Attestation Service considers the submitted application and the reliability of a set of documents in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 116 dated 05/18/2012 "On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities". If the set of documents was incomplete, then the applicant must submit all the necessary documents before the examination session. In accordance with the submitted application and the application of the necessary documents, a contract for the provision of services is drawn up.

    4. Notification: The Personnel Retraining and Attestation Service notifies the staff of economic agents and / or individuals of the date, place and time of examination sessions, no later than 5 working days before the examination session, by e-mail, mail, landline or mobile phone, or by publishing an announcement on the website www.ctsic.md.